Are you a person who has more than one occupation or obligation?

Student ?



Armed service member?

Full-time employee?

Mulitple Jobs?

Hmmmm, Well I am here to share my story on how I juggled life, some tips and tools I utilize to balance this “Juggler Lifestyle”.

I have held all titles following : full-time student , full-time employee for a Fortune 500 company , service member , active sorority member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority , Incorporated ,dog mommy, firefighter, business owner , member of many clubs/organizations , volunteer, side hustles doing invitations and crafts.

I must tell you while doing these things it was very hard to juggle being all alone , I made a plan as I do yearly with my vision board , and goal list . I decided I had to give up something to give my all to another , I then made the decision finishing my bachelors would be priority after my obligations of so much duty time the degree fell on the back burner many times . I began to seriously get discouraged and thinking maybe college wasn’t for me .

So in May 2017 I sent my love Logan with my uncle in Georgia ,she was a handful and every potty training method I tried was an ultimate failure ,after coming home from school to feed her before work ,take her out , then get off work and clean up poop .I WAS FED UP! She had to go....

That still wasn’t the root of my problem , summer school CHEMISTRY was not my best friend either so I realized in the fall I wouldn’t be able to work and focus on school knowing I wanted to make the dean’s list and graduate ASAP!

Oh I didn’t like how I would have to cut back on traveling , and to what I thought was enjoying myself. It was the best thing to ever happen , I became more reserved .

So July 2017, I asked God “What am I doing wrong?”, his reply with many signs was definitely disobedience , I wasn’t fully engulfed in his spirit allowing it to lead me. I also asked him to remove ANYTHING hindering me whether it be physical, mental, material, human and whatever was allowing my spirit to diminish.

OHHHHH boy ! They say be careful what you ask for !

Preparing for September 13, 2017 my Quarter of a Century ,my 25th birthday , I knew what all desired ...That was to START INVESTING IN MY WEALTH SPIRITUALLY, FINANCIALLY,MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ,PEACE,LOVE , AND HAPPINESS ! Reality set in ,I am truly an adult time to act life one .

I started break away from manyyyyyyyyyy manyyyyy manyyy

attachments and relationships ....

It scared me !

I thought I was going crazy ..

So ,

I quit the job focused ....MADE DEAN’S LIST AND GRADUATED !!!!Mission accomplished!

I lost some material things ...

I detached from those interactions that was fueling my future .

I definitely won overall though everything I thought lost I was blessed even more ,and I am still learning and aligning with God .

I used prayer, planners , notebooks, apple calendar and reminders , daily devotionals, YOUbible plans , Pinterest search bar on suggestions for organizing ,began to focus and actively engage in finding a church home.

I told you my story , managing things can be overwhelming.


My suggestions are:

1. Get you a PRIORITY LIST (breakdown sections into aspects you manage)

2. Get a calendar , (not only a virtual one but one you physically write in weekly)

3.Understand the importance of your goals vs your to do list .

4. Try scheduling your bill due dates accordingly .

5. Dedicate a time or day for yourself !

6. Learn to SAY NO! You can’t do everything and be effective .

7. Learn who deserves your time ,because it is priceless

8. FOCUS !

9. Go knock your goals out, make more realistic goals that contribute to whatever your big picture is in your world,

Nakoexpo taught me “a cluttered mind is a cluttered space “, clean your space with whatever has you on E, it’s definitely time to FILL UP ,WHAT’S IN YOUR CUP IS FOR YOU WHAT OVERLOWS IS FOR OTHERS.

—Thee Visionary out !

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