Are you a BEE?


Well did you know BEES have four stages (Egg,Larva,Pupa,and FINALLY ADULT)?

Oh, you did ? Well have you grown up?

I know anything most people try to say represents them ,am google QUEEN ,ok!

So after Beyonce’s Coachella performance , I wanted to become more inclined with the BUMBLE BEE ! Upon research , I discovered the bee symbolizes , community, brightness and personal power. Let’s go more in depth , it also represents focus creativity , and fertility . “The ENERGY(yes EXACTLY the vibe) of the bumble bee aligns with hard work(you have to walk it like you talk it ), devotion( to be devoted to something requires loyalty and dedication) and the ability to focus (you have to get tunnel vision about whatever it is your are wanting to accomplish) your efforts to accomplish absolutely anything(yes ANYTHING , God said declare and decree a thing ) .They exemplify the art of “doing”. This shows that in order to affect something you must DO , you must sting it ! Bees are thought to symbolize GOOD FORTUNE, JOY, AND HARMONY.”


My response to finding this out and actually dissecting it to my understanding : I was in awe , while sharing with my significant other we both began to reflect and say “ Baby, Ima BEE”. Yes , we became so inclined we tuned in on GUCCI (they have the bee symbol on their clothing ), after attempting to purchase they didn’t have his size. So me being me I’m like I’m going wear a BEE graduation night so I ordered a brooch to accent my dress . I didn’t wear the dress but I plan to display it on a very special day and I will add to the website as a pre-sale item if you’re interested.





Do you possess the bee senses?




read this aloud


“ I am a BEE , I am in tune with my own energy that will drive me into my passion of the thing(s) I desire from my life , I have been through the stages set forth it is now my time to fly and sting , I am a DOER , I am A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, I AM ATTACHED TO THE HIGHER POWER , I WILL MOVE AT GOD’S COMMAND , I WILL SERVE IN MY HIGHEST CAPACITY UNTO EVERYONE AS THE GIFT HAS BE GIVEN AND WILL BE A BLESSING .




THANKS TO CIRCA1890.COM for their symbolism of the bee

-Keep IT HAUTE .The Visionary Out


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